3 in 1 Testimony

The acts of God amongst us

My testimony is a 3 in 1 testimony but I will summarize.

I bless God for the life of Apostle TD phillips..I came in contact with Apostle first through his Messages on telegram.. prior to this time I have been having difficulty in ministry.. But as I began to soak in those messages, to the point that I started teaching them in the fellowship I lead, I taught them with the same tone and manner that Apostle did. Apostle forgive me for Message plagiarism..but as funny as it sounds I began to experience ease, miracles.. above all I grew Spiritually..the fellowship grew to the point that even married people, advanced people came to join and submit to me..Its so amazing..they were like where did u learn to talk and teach that way..and the healings and the blessings…

Secondly I have been searching for a father, to help me.. learning on my own was good but there was no speed…after Praying about this the spirit of the lord impressed on my heart that he had already answered my prayers long ago..I was like how, he said Apostle T.D Philips is your father…I was like will such a great man of God have time for me, I’m still young… Well fortunately RVC 2020 came and I told God, lord convince me more in this meeting, let him talk to me..on the first day, morning session, as it was about to end he pointed at me as Activated the Ministry of Angels in my life by prophecy.. brethren it was like magic oooo I almost thought he was fake because the manifestation came so Quick….my life turned right side up… From then on I have been following. Ease came, understanding came.

3rd testimony of Healing I started GodHouse in obedience to God’s instructions last 3weeks.. I have been having Asthma for 15years, I go about with at least 2 inhalers.. this issue sometimes disgraces me when I’m even boldly declaring God’s word to others about Healing… imagine you telling people about the God’s willingness to heal and immediately you receive an asthma attack.. it was that bad.. but last Sunday I played drums with so much joy during the worship session of the first service, then Apostle came up. You know playing drums involves strength, I was already grasping for breather so I reached to my bag to get my inhaler, only to discover I forgot them. I was already coughing I sat down trying to make sure no one noticed. My chest was getting tighter and Apostle was already saying talk in other tongues. Then he kept saying focus, focus, focus. So still coughing and holding my chest, I focused on pastor and was just mumbling some weak tongues, because I was loosing breath. In my heart I was like well he is my focus, I desire to be much more and greater than my father…so I focused… Brethren from focus my chest was getting lighter, and lighter and lighter. I began to take in deep breaths. I was amazed..15years Asthma. I was wondering what is this…I left church that day, through out I didn’t touch my inhaler….Glory to God. I’m healed!