Issue of Blood Healed!

The acts of God amongst us

In April , specifically on Easter Monday when I got to church for joy in the city I noticed that I started bleeding, which wasn’t normal because I had seen my period 2 weeks prior to the time. Initially I dismissed it thinking maybe I had joined the people who spot during ovulation which isn’t common but it’s not an issue . The next day it stopped and I thought it was over but a few days after I started bleeding again and it continued like this throughout the month with abdominal pains sometimes .When it was time for my period that month , it lasted for 3 extra days . I told a couple of my friends and we prayed about it because my mind was beginning to suggest all sorts of negative things when it persisted my friend suggested that we keep praying about it but if at a particular date it didn’t stop I should tell my mum so we’d go to the hospital and know exactly what we’re praying against , I agreed but I kept telling myself that I have no business with hospitals and I won’t have any reason to . On the 2nd of may after papa finished preaching he said there was somebody being healed from an issue of blood I knew it was me because that was what I called it every time I prayed, I believed I was healed . it has been 2 months since then , the abnormal bleeding has stopped ,my cycles have been regular and my periods have lasted for the normal number of days