Safe baby delivery

The acts of God amongst us

Good morning Pastor Sir, Good morning pastor ma, good morning church. I want to thank God this morning for His faithfulness and loving kindness towards me and mine. I want to share this testimony to emphasize the blessing that our online ministry is and has been. Papa and Mama would always instruct and encourage us to share all our ministry materials as well as messages on line. For a while I was consistently posting and reposting on all my social media platforms, little did I know that a friend of mine who was My course mate back then in school was always following, listening and declaring. This my friend was pregnant and unknown to me, she was afraid and scared because of delayed conception for more than 5years and also regarding the day of delivery. She said, as the day drew nearer she got more scared that it became a battle, then she noticed that each time she would stumble on my status, she would read and listen to our ministry materials and then her hope is restored. So she kept on following and following and got into fasting and had told God that she needed a peace sign. She said, one day she wasn’t really asleep but as she closed her eyes, our senior pastor appeared to her and started teaching her stuffs concerning faith and the believer’s authority, she said after Pastor had spoken to her for a while, she became faith filled and joyful, then he disappeared and she woke up. She kept on declaring the words she received and thanks be to God currently she has given birth to a bouncing baby boy and it was easy and glorious. I just want to give God praise for this my friend indeed the word works. Glorraaaayyyy