Safe Delivery of Twins

The acts of God amongst us

I wanna thank God for the life of my daughter, for safe delivery. She delivered a set of twins ( boy and a girl)💃🏼 During her pregnancy days (when it was already on the 9th month) a lot of things we heard from people around trying to put fear in her but we didn’t relent, we stood firm with the word of God. I could remember one day I went to buy something at a friends shop, that one said please oh I have something to tell you, she said she had a dream that my daughter gave birth and then she died along side the baby, as she was talking I cut her short immediately and told her that we have a covenant with life in our assembly so that’s not possible she should just relax. I got home, i prayed and went to check on my daughter, on getting there I met someone in her house ( her landlords brother)and then my daughter said mommy thank God you are here that this man came to tell me that he had a dream that there are enemies around my daughter and her pregnancy that she have to pray well if not.. my daughter told him that my Mama in church is always praying for me, and if she hasn’t seen anything of such, you don’t even have right to see anything about me. I then told him that you already know we are Godhouse so take a chill pill. A lot of other negative vibes and comment but we did not faint, we, i especially kept on my confession with faith. On the day of delivery, on getting to the hospital, they said they can’t attend to her until 3hours that the doctor on duty ,that’s his policy, that he has checked the first set of women that came for delivery that he’s going to send a nurse to check her then she should wait till he comes out again and it may take another 3 hrs. I responded and told the lady that she should not worry that my pastor is a doctor and he’s already here waiting for us and it won’t be up to 3hrs. Immediately I said that, the doctor came out and said they should bring my daughter card and she should follow him, immediately she went into the labour room, it wasn’t up to 10mins the first child Came out and then in less than 5mins the other one came out. Her delivery was very easy and successful. We return all glory back to God. Glory!