Supernatural Favour in My PPA

The acts of God amongst us

Good morning church. I want to thank God firstly for His supernatural favour my life, secondly I wanna thank God for journey mercy to NYNC orientation camp. I was posted to Kebbi. Initially when I saw Kebbi, I cried like I didn’t wanna go cause that’s not what I wanted. Eventually I went. God saw me through to and fro. My experience in camp was favour everywhere. I couldn’t expect less because I am a GodHouse child. So I applied for relocation to Rivers state and I was given. On getting to Rivers, I didn’t want them to post me to a remote village or even to teach yet I didn’t know anyone to call or to speak to to help me. I spoke to Pst Johnson and he prayed for me that God should give me a stress free PPA that would allow me have time to do my business and I want it in the main Port Harcourt city Obioakpor Local Government, to be precise. He told me to believe. I prayed for favor, I kept declaring it. The day came when I am suppose to go and report at the state secretariat, I went, did all the necessary things I am suppose to do and then I was waiting for my friend whom we relocated together from Kebbi to Rivers, I was just standing somewhere believing God to intervene in my PPA posting, just right there a man was just staring at me even me I was surprised and was forced to greet him, he responded to my greeting and asked me to come, I went, he then asked for my name and where I am from, I told him he also asked where I camped I told him and then he said ok I am the camp commandant for batch B stream 1 in rivers state. I was like ok sir, he then said what do you want, I told him I want to do my PPA @ Obioakpor LGA and he said ok follow me. He took me to the state coordinator and they requested for my name and state code and the he said it is done , check your dashboard by morning. And then morning came I checked and I saw Obioakpor local government council. I was excited and called him cause he had given me his number the previous day that Incase I want elsewhere I should call him ,And then he said congrats, are u going to report now? I said yes, he said hold on, I am coming to take you there cause the director there is strong headed she might reject you, so he came in his uniform , took me to the local government, straight to my LGI (Local government inspector) they attended to me immediately, took me to the director in charge and she just said my dear come let me sign your letter , she then asked if I want to be in her office, I said yes . That’s how the captain took up my matter, helped me and I was given a PPA that is stress free and that would allow me do my business. I just wanna return the glory back to a god for this Favor Glory!!!