Supernatural Relocation.

God's faithfulness has been my daily experience in 2023. I have seen miracles in my life so much that my faith has increased greatly.

In February 2023, Apostle spoke words that I would travel abroad and in less than 6 months, God created that reality and now I am in the United States of America on scholarship. I have seen God meet my needs supernaturally even when I have heavy bills to pay.

I have experienced ease and peace in the midst of storms. And I have learnt to trust God much more. I have experienced good health throughout the year. No sickness at all. God has also kept my family, nothing missing and nothing broken. I have seen souls saved here and lives being transformed. I am so grateful for the gift of Apostle T.D. Philips and Pastor Pistis Dajuma. And I know that in 2024 my experiences will be greater.


Date: 31st December, 2023