God's Favour on My Education



I joined Godhouse through divine leading after my ND program as an undergraduate. When it was time to return for my HND program, funds were not coming forth. It was almost the deadline for fee payment, so after a Sunday service I quickly went to Apostle. After explaining all to him he just said "Is that why you're worried? Don't worry all will be settled." I said "Okay sir but still speak words over me," of which he did. I held on to those words strongly. He said all that I need to complete my education will be made available and it comes with ease.  As at the morning of deadline day, I didn't have any funds to pay my fees, I was already worried because I was told by 6:00 pm the payment portal would be closed. Glory be to God, I paid my fees just before the portal was closed which was around 9:00 pm, and I was left with an extra N20,000. Hallelujah!

I resumed my HND program fully trusting God and holding on to words spoken to me through Apostle Aside from my transportation I resumed HND 1 with just N1,500. My mum thought I had millions in my account because of the way I boldly packed my things and went to school. I had yet to pay my hostel rent, but I went by faith.

When I got to school those words spoken over me began to manifest one after the other. I did my seminar defense successfully, then Apostle commented on my seminar defense picture saying "what's next in line for you comes quickly without delay." I rejoiced and held on to the words. Fast forward to HND 2, I did my project defense successfully; God was taking care of all my needs per time - remember I resumed with just N1,500. Uncles who forgot me sent in funds, favours from family and friends, and even people I barely know.

Glory to God, I completed my Project Defense and Today I'm a proud Graduate. I told my friends that I would attend RVC 2023 as a graduate, then news of an indefinite strike arose. I kept saying, "Apostle said what's next for me comes quickly without delay so I'm not bothered & I will attend RVC as a graduate," and I did attend RVC as a graduate Hallelujah.

This year we celebrated 2 graduates in the family - my elder brother and myself.
Note: Among 4 boys I was the first child of my mum to get into a higher institution, as at when I gained admission my elder brother was 31, and the other two were 25. I was 18, but after I entered God came through for my elder brother also, he attended a private university fully on Scholarship and was paid monthly.



Date: 31st December, 2023.