Supernatural Turnaround In My Results


On the morning of December 25th, 2022, my 200-level 2nd semester result had just been released, and my CGPA, which was at the time 4.39, was not any different from what it was in the previous semester.

Whereas, coupled with a strong desire to fulfill God's plan for me in the University as it regards the Gospel, was also the desire in my heart to achieve a first-class in my course of study, which I also considered God's plan for me.

I was therefore really sad that Sunday morning, not only because my hope of achieving a first class was deferred, but also because it would be harder to meet the target since I had determined that I was going to take on more work of ministry in the next year, which was 2023. It was in the attitude of this "disappointment" that I joined the livestreamed Christmas service on Facebook, that Sunday morning.

My mind was so taken away that I didn't even concentrate on what God's Servant was teaching (The Essence of Christmas), until about a few minutes after 11 am, when Apostle began to minister in prophecies and prayers. Amazingly, the first thing Apostle said was "You're going to meet that target the Spirit says, the Spirit of God is talking to somebody who is so concerned with the need to meet a target, even though celebration is in the air, you're somehow distracted by the need to meet a target. The spirit of the Lord is telling me you will meet that target AIDED BY THE HOLY GHOST. And I see the blessing of the Lord coming to you" And He even went further to mention two specific names.

Those words shocked me back into faith and joy. I knew immediately that I was the one the Spirit of God was talking to, and I knew it was going to be unto me as it was told me from the Lord. And fast-forward to December 22nd, 2023, almost a year after the prophecy was given, our Final result (400level 2nd semester) was released, and lo and behold, even though it appeared 99.9% impossible all the way, I ended on a CGPA of 4.51 (first class), aided by the Holy Ghost!

Glory to God! Hallelujah!


Date: 31st December, 2023.