Scholarship by Faith

I want to thank God for the gift of Godhouse and the privilege of being part of this Bible-believing Church and being a word-speaking Christian!

I applied for a scholarship to Kap Film Academy to learn filmmaking and screenwriting early this year and unfortunately, I didn't get in. The opportunity came again three weeks ago and I was skeptical about applying but Apostle has taught us to shun fear and choose faith, so I applied again.

Last week Sunday during the second service I was sitting at the back and when the prayer was going on, I kept expecting God to give Apostle a word for me. Apostle turned to the other side of the church and was speaking to someone else (I don't know who he was speaking to), and he said in these very words "I see a mail, and the mail said 'Congratulations.' In fact, I even see that that it is scholarship related and you're getting it." When I heard the words I knew it immediately that it was for me.

I coveted the word and kept praying with it. Three days later, I got my congratulatory mail from Kap Film Academy that I had gotten the scholarship.

I give God praise for that because this doesn't just happen. Truly it is from God.


Date: 31st December, 2023