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Explore the diverse units within our church, where you can actively participate and make a meaningful impact on our community.:

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Shekinah Voices

Shekinah Voices is a group of worship ministers, instrumentalists, and pastors who are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christ through music. Join our passionate worship team and use your musical talents to lead inspiring worship services that bring our congregation closer to God.

Child Care

Make a lasting impact by becoming a part of our Children's Ministry. Nurture and educate the next generation of faithful individuals, contributing to their spiritual growth.

Activation Centre

Forge meaningful connections by participating in our home cell/small groups system. Grow in faith and relationships with like-minded individuals who share your spiritual journey.


Our Follow-Up Ministry is dedicated to building lasting connections and nurturing the spiritual growth of first-timers. We provide support, answer questions, and also help people get connected to the life and community of the church, find a place to belong, and take steps in their discipleship journey.

Welcome Team

The Welcome team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors feels a warm and inviting embrace. We are here to greet you with open hearts, share our fellowship, and make you feel at home in all our centres.

Ushering & Protocol

The Ushering Team ensures every visit is a smooth and spiritually uplifting experience. your responsibilities include to welcome, assist with seating, and provide any guidance worshippers may need during services.

Technical & Production

Our technical and production team ensures the seamless execution of services and events. If you possess skills in sound, lighting, or media, your expertise can enhance the church experience.

Teen Ministry

The early years of adulthood are crucial in a person’s spiritual formation. The teen ministry provides an authentic community where teenagers feel loved, heard, and cared for while they are navigating this season of their lives.

Sanctuary Keepers

Our dedicated Sanctuary Team ensures that our sacred space remains clean and inviting for worship, maintaining a welcoming and pristine environment where all can find solace and be comfortable in worship.

Welfare & Hospitality

Elevate the church experience by extending love and warm hospitality to guests and members. Create an inviting atmosphere that fosters a sense of community.

Parking & Security

Ensure the safety and organization of our church grounds by contributing to parking and security efforts. Your role is pivotal in maintaining a secure environment for worship.

Dev. team

Are you a programmer, designer, content writer, or project manager? Can your tech skill contribute towards the ministry? Our Global Dev. Team is dedicated to elevating worship experiences through innovative web solutions. Join us in harnessing technology to enhance our online worship experience.

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To know how you can join a service unit, speak with a leader at your local GodHouse center